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How to book

How to book hotel with Phuquocbook.com ?

To make a booking with Phuquocbook.com – the only local services to help you book cheap hotel in Phu quoc island , simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select your hotel

  • Once you select your hotel on our website please click on 'Book now' button which will lead you to our hotel booking form.

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  • Step 2: Complete our form

  • Please fill all required information on our form. Click on 'Send' button on bottom of the page. If you wish to place another hotel, please complete step 1 and 2 separately.
  • Step 3: Confirm your hotel

    • Once sending your booking form to us, you will immediately receive our email with details of your booking.

    • We will then process to check your chosen hotel's availability and confirm you the hotel's status within 06 hours except on Saturday and Sunday.

    • If your chosen hotel is available, we will send you an email with all details of promotion ( if any ), booking's details, cost, payment mode and deadlines.

    • If your chosen hotel is NOT available then we will try to suggest an alternative hotel or other solutions for you to consider.

    Step 4: Payment

    We need your deposit to make sure your booking confirmed. All transaction with us will be completed thourgh Palpay. You will see it below hotel table price. Click and process.

    Step 5: Get your service voucher

    • Once your payment have been authorized by our bank, we will issue our service voucher by email. Please print them out then presented upon check-in.
    • If you have any questions regarding our services or need more information please contact us at booking@phuquocbook.com or telephone (+84773) 567505- (+84909) 959893 during our office hours.
    • Our reservations department operates from 7h00am to 7h00pm everyday (GMT + 07:00 time), 7 days a week and we will be happy to assist you